″Improve capacities of government and local communities to enable them provide quality and appropriate care to children in need of care,education,health and protection.″


CHILDREN'S CARE ASSOCIATION is the association which bases in a children's care through health, educational and children's advocacy in all regions of Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) is a well-established None Government Association. which was formed in 2018 by young people after realizing that there is great importance to help, care, support, promote and defend the fundamental of child rights of all children's without regard of their status, gender, religious or political believes.


So to realize the Government's efforts to bring development to the construction of social interests of the children's of Zanzibar, we have decided to use it to honor the opportunities presented by the Government of involving citizens and civil society to organize together to bring development of the children's without regard of their status.


To facilitate children live in a good condition and better environment without facing abusive by considering the basis way of our culture for the aim of protecting against the violence. Also to enhance the best ways in a good communities and better health that makes their life happy and acquires good education which will help them to be successful.


To protect the children's rights in their communities, help the children in difficult situation, enhancing their good living and social services that are satisfied and ensure children's development are improving through different aspect of life that concerning and giving them opportunities to support efficiently ways of their life.

It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult